Treating Acne Scars with Harmony®XL Laser System

The inconvenience and frustration of acne can happen at any stage of life, whether you’re a teenager or an adult. In some cases it can also cause terrible scarring. When acne products have not been effective in addressing problems with scarring, the Harmony®XL Laser System can help you deal with visible scars and transform your skin.

The Benefits of the Harmony®XL Laser System

When you opt for laser treatment, you choose targeted treatment that focuses on your acne scars without applying abrasive chemicals to your skin. Adjustments can be made to take unique factors such as skin tone and skin type into consideration. A non-invasive procedure that causes minimal discomfort, the Harmony®XL Laser System improves the appearance of acne scars comfortably and safely.

How the Harmony®XL Laser System Works

During treatment with a Harmony®XL Laser System, a handheld device that combines pulsed light and UVB applications will be used. An intense, controlled beam of light is applied to the skin in order to resurface the affected areas. There is no downtime, and you will experience significant results. Treatments usually only take about 20 minutes, and you may notice an improvement after your first visit.

During the laser treatment, gentle heat is applied to the deepest layers of the skin, avoiding the need for numbing the skin beforehand. The precision and accuracy of the Harmony®XL Laser will treat damaged skin while leaving the surrounding healthy tissues unscathed. As the molecular bonds of scarred skin cells are dissolved, the skin will appear smooth and clear. Several visits may be necessary to get the desired results.

Are You a Candidate for the Harmony®XL Laser System?

You will have the best results with the Harmony®XL Laser System if you do not have a dark skin tone, an underlying health condition and if your skin is not oily. It will be discussed during your consultation whether treatment with the Harmony®XL Laser System is a sensible alternative for you.

Side Effects with the Harmony®XL Laser System

As with any treatment, there are possible risks involved. If you have an outbreak of acne at the time of treatment, you could increase the possibility of infection. If you are prone to cold sores or fever blisters, you may experience an outbreak after the procedure. If you smoke, you should refrain from doing so for at least two weeks prior to treatment. You may experience some redness and swelling after the procedure, which are controllable and should subside quickly. Every patient responds differently to laser treatment, but the procedure is generally well tolerated with minimal adverse effects.

If you’re suffering from acne and acne scarring, the Harmony®XL Laser treatment at Associates in Women’s Health could be the perfect solution. Our medical team will work with you to determine the safest and most effective treatment plan for your needs. Contact Associates in Women’s Health today to schedule your consultation or stop by our Cincinnati office. We’ll help you get the beautiful, glowing skin you deserve.

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