Restore Vaginal Health and Comfort With Surgery-Free FemiLift

Time can take a toll on a woman’s vaginal tissue. As you age, your vaginal tissue can become dry and stiff. Intercourse may become painful. You may even notice that you leak urine when you laugh, cough, or sneeze--a condition known as urinary stress incontinence.

If you’re noticing these annoying symptoms, treatment with the FemiLift laser vaginal tightening system could offer welcome relief. FemiLift is a noninvasive treatment that uses gentle laser energy to tighten your vaginal tissues.

Here at Associates in Women’s Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are happy to provide women with this safe, effective, surgery-free treatment.

Why vaginal tissues change

Vaginal dryness and discomfort—known as vaginal atrophy—are common problems for women, especially after they go through menopause. Falling estrogen levels cause vaginal tissue to become dryer, less flexible, and less pliant.

With aging, the amount of collagen in vaginal tissues decreases. Collagen is a type of protein found in your vagina, skin, and bones. In skin and vaginal tissue, it provides an elastic quality. Reduction of collagen makes tissue less supple—it’s one of the reasons the skin on your face sags with age.

In addition to normal aging, factors such as childbirth, gynecological surgery, excess weight, and smoking can dry out your vaginal tissue.

How FemiLift helps

Taking estrogen replacement therapy can help with vaginal dryness. However, some women prefer a drug-free solution or should avoid oral estrogen for medical reasons. They appreciate that FemiLift reduces vaginal dryness without prescription medications.

FemiLift is an innovative treatment that uses a type of laser energy known as fractional CO2 to penetrate your vaginal tissues. It delivers gentle laser energy to your vaginal tissues through a thin instrument inserted into your vagina.

The light energy from the FemiLIft laser penetrates your vaginal tissue and stimulates the production of collagen. As collagen increases, your vaginal tissue becomes stronger and more elastic, and your vaginal walls become more pliant. Your vaginal tissues also retain more of their natural lubrication.

FemiLift benefits

Some of the benefits of FemiLift treatment can include:

What to expect

FemiLift treatments are easy and convenient. A single treatment takes about 30 minutes. You may start to feel an improvement in your vaginal comfort after just one treatment; however, most patients get optimal benefit from two or three treatments, about six weeks apart. After that, we recommend a yearly maintenance session to maintain vaginal elasticity.

There is no downtime after a FemiLift treatment, although we do recommend that you refrain from sexual intercourse for a day. The risk of side effects such as bleeding, pain, and infection are minimal.

Find out if FemiLift can help you

Your health care providers at Associates in Women’s Health in Cincinnati can help you decide whether FemiLift is right for you. To schedule a consultation, call our office, or make an online appointment today.


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