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Associates in Women’s Health: Your Go-To Gyno in Ohio

As a woman, you have unique needs that require more than your annual visit to your regular physician. You need to focus on your reproductive system, including breast health and comprehensive exams that include the most intimate part of your body. Associates for Women’s Health provides you with your go-to gyno services in Ohio, ensuring that you will stay on top of health issues that are related to you. You should begin your annual exams in your late teens and continue the journey throughout your lifetime as you head to menopause. No matter how young or old you are, you can never ignore your feminine health.

Take Preventative Action

Your main goal should be to take care of yourself and steer clear of problems. That means making an appointment with our gyno before you start experiencing any kind of issues. You should plan on getting an exam once a year unless there is a matter of concern that requires additional appointments. It is generally recommended that you make your first gynecological exam in your late teens or when you become sexually active for the first time.

Your exams should continue every year. If you become pregnant, expect monthly visits to monitor your health and the development of your baby. If at any time you are experiencing a problem, be sure to contact our office in Ohio so that you can deal with it right away. You don’t want to procrastinate with any matter that affects your reproductive system.

What Can You Expect During Your Gynecological Exam?

When you come in for your exam, our gyno will ask you questions about your health history and how you are feeling the day of your visit. Expect your vitals to be taken, including your pulse and blood pressure. Our specialist will examine your breasts and your vagina.

An internal exam will be performed to check for any abnormalities with your ovaries and uterus. A pap smear will be taken to check for the presence of any abnormal cells in your cervix. As you get older, mammograms will become a regular part of your healthcare regimen. You should expect to visit once a year so our gyno can check for any abnormalities that may indicate breast cancer. We are dedicated to helping you to take care of yourself.

Make Your First Gyno Appointment Today

To experience the benefits of Associates in Women’s Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, make your appointment for your gyno visit today. You will be welcomed by a caring staff who has one goal. Everyone wants to ensure that your gynecological health is on track. When you come in, our specialist will get a baseline of where you are now in order to determine what your needs are and if there are any changes during future visits. To feel your best, don’t ignore your intimate health issues. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and ensure your best health.

Associates in Women's Health

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